We will be away until early september.

If you need any fleece packs you can go to https://www.planetedisque.com/nl/cd-hoesjes/241-fleecepack-classic-6096423147150.html



The Space Saving Sleeve.

Fleecepack® is the compact storage system for CD's. A nice plastic sleeve (PP) with fleecelayers inside. There is one version, the Fleecepack 20 (± 7 gram)

Indexstrips are available seperately.

The pros:

Space saving!

Fleecepack reduces the space of your cd collection with aprox. 75 %.

Room for all elements, booklet, bottom card and 1 or 2 discs!

No cutting needed.


You can store CD's, DVD's, CD-R's, DVD-R's etc. etc.


Ideal for shipping CD's, its cheaper and no more broken Jewel cases.

The cons:

Labels from cd's from the eighties and early nineties are printed with ink that might react with the fleece layer.